Make me Over

MAKE ME OVER – Gal 3:29, 4: 1-2

“Lord, I ask that you make my parents give me the Bentley car in the garage. I will be eighteen years old in a few days and I ought to have my own car already”. “Dear God, please make that multinational company give me employment for the position of an executive director, even though I have no managerial skills”. “I have said the same prayer so many times but God is not answering me!”.

A lot of times, when we pray, we ask God to “give me” but we do not get answers because we are not made up enough for the things we ask. Rather than asking God to always “give me”, we should ask God to “make me”. It is not just about us asking God what to do for us, but asking him what he expects us to be. If God has not blessed you with what you have prayed for, it is simply because he loves us enough to want to make us qualify for what we ask. A simple and sincere prayer could turn things around: “Lord, make me over”.

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