Ministry Groups


At Calvary Bible Church, we believe everyone has a place.  Serving in ministry is an opportunity to use the gifts and talents you have to serve others.  Whether a warm smile or a love for children, there is a place here for you. With each service and or event, we are met with various challenges and opportunities to use our gifts.   As a volunteer at Calvary Bible Church, you assist us in setting the atmosphere for worship and the spreading of God’s word.

God wants to show you His plan for your life, and most times we discover our purpose when we serve. There are several platforms through which we take people from becoming just members to becoming ministers who serve in the church.

Every week, we record amazing testimonies of the supernatural in the lives of our church volunteers. Just like the human body, you need all the parts to function effectively, so it is with our volunteers. There are different parts you can function in.

Worship Ministry (Beauty of Holiness) – This is the music arm of the ministry – responsible for music ministrations within and outside the church. They are responsible for creating an atmosphere of worship that brings down God’s presence.

Children Ministry (Children Living In Christ’s Kingdom- CLICK) – It is the Children ministry of CBC set up to raise Godly children with world-class knowledge, rich morals and values; and are also prepared for a life of kingdom service. Their service runs concurrently with the adult church..

Solomon Team (Beauty and Aesthetics) – They are responsible for cleaning and beautifying the sanctuary for every service.

Hospitality Team – They are responsible that our visitors and guest ministers are refreshed and taken care of during and after the service.

Media Team – They are responsible for ensuring that the technical part of every service is covered ( sound, photography, social media etc)

Ushering Team – This department is saddled with the responsibility of arranging the church and attendees, ensuring proper sitting arrangement and also proper distribution of fellowship/information materials in church.

Please contact the church office on 2819358899 or send an email to if you’re interested in joining any of these teams. God bless you.