Who We Are

Our Story

Calvary Bible Church Houston

Founded on the 31st of December 1995, Calvary Bible Church is the church arm of “Truth of Calvary Ministries”. It grew rapidly and has continued to be a strong Church ever since. It has been marked by innovative leadership, commitment to excellence and openness to change.

Our uniqueness has brought us this far and made us a brand, and He who began the good work in us will keep us till He returns. In Calvary we are – corporate, modest, and worded.

Calvary Bible Church Houston is a kingdom church located in the city of Houston, with its headquarters in Lagos Nigeria. Calvary Bible Church was founded in 1995 by God’s servant Pastor Olumide Emmanuel. Over the years, Calvary Bible Church has been known for maintaining a high standard of sound doctrine of the word of God.

In April 2017, the Houston church was commissioned with its lead Pastor as Shola Gbolahan and we have been given a mandate to impact our community by sharing the love of God as Jesus did. We are committed to seeing that God’s kingdom is established here on earth, and that God’s people are empowered to take dominion in all the spheres of influence as God has sent us.

Calvary Bible Church is a place that you can call home. We are a congregation that values and cares for one another, loves God and embraces His Holy Spirit. We are more than “just a church” we are a “family of believers.”

We are a family committed to your welfare – spirit, soul and body as you continue with us in Christ. Nobody partners with God and goes bankrupt, so we know that as you become committed to the vision of this house and give God and His word a rightful place in your heart, God will be committed to you and give you your rightful place on earth.


Raising a People of power, purpose, purity, maturity and dominion with a global mentality for the advancement and establishment of the kingdom of God.


RECRUITING – Recruiting men for God’s kingdom from the enemy’s camp. Ps. 2:8
Opening the eyes of believers to the reality of Calvary’s finished work. Hos. 4:6
Preparing the saints for the second coming of Jesus. Jn. 14:1-3

What Makes Us Unique

Our Values

Calvary Bible Church has seven unique elements and distinguishing features
which are revealed in the fabric of the entire ministry as follows

Love For God

Our love for God is evident from the leadership to the membership as the “no compromise stand” is a general knowledge in the house. If it is not godly it is not Calvary compliant.


Love For People

Our love for people is evident in our care and welfare structure put in place to help transform lives as a turning point.


Word-based and Balanced

In Calvary, balance is the key to our operation, and the word of God is our standard. Bible is not just our middle name as a church but a central part of all we do. If it is not in the word, it is not permitted in our world.


Wisdom, Common Sense, and Innovative approach to ministry

In Calvary we believe that the message of God does not change but His methods do change and we are innovative and dynamic in our approach to reaching the lost and raising the saints wholly.



For as long as we have been in existence, we are yet to start any meeting late. This is because we believe in timeliness and promptness and it has been a major distinguishing feature for us.


Integrity and Open-door policy

In Calvary, there are no secrets amongst our members and workforce. Our open-door policy is clear to all and still makes us one of the few churches where you can openly ask questions every week in our bible study services.


Prudence and Investment Mentality

Our ability to do much with little resources available to us. This is because our ability to do much with little has made us look richer than we really are, which is just a testimony to our prudence and stewardship in managing the resources available to us.

This is Home

Our Covenant with God

We have a covenant with God that anyone who faithfully worships and serves in Calvary Bible Church, within SIX months, will experience a TURNAROUND in their lives and have a NOTABLE TESTIMONY. And THERE SHALL BE NO LOSS.