Crossing into Divine Harvest

2 Kings 7: 1-8

At the beginning of every year, we work towards making some new year resolutions which we sometimes don’t follow through. We also have thoughts of what the new year holds for us, and sometimes, we give in to fear because we do not know what to expect.

This year 2020 is a unique leap year, and our gracious God who sees the future, wants us to cross into divine harvest this year, because He is the only one that knows the path to harvest. However, God is not required to do all the work; we have our roles to play:

For a successful 2020, your ears must be attentive to the voice of the Lord; you have to be in the spirit always. Matthew 3:18

Do not doubt the word of God concerning this year because of the harshness and the scarcity of the land; His word will never return to Him void. Isaiah 55:8-11

Do not allow statistics and economic development reserves of the government affect what He has told you because there will be contrary opinions.

Only hearken to His word and prophetic declarations. 1 Corinthians 2:14

And as long as we play our roles, we have certain blessings to enjoy:

There will be an abundance of blessings in the year 2020.

The land is green and the harvest is all over in the year 2020.

Because this year is a leap year, you will experience quantum leap and speed.

So, don’t worry about what this year brings for you because as long as you obey the voice of God, you are crossing into your divine harvest.

Declaration for the year 2020

– 2020 is your set time for harvest. Hosea 6:11

– You will experience an overflow of the goodness of God in 2020 Joshua 3:15

– All the weeks in 2020 are appointed weeks of harvest Jer 5:24

– Every of your effort will produce harvest Joel 3:13

– There will be a divine separation of everything corrupting your harvest Matt 13.30

– God will open your eyes to see divine harvest John 4:35

– God will give you your own strategy to reap your harvest Rev 14:15

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