Goshen Pledge Form

Dear Family,

Thank you for been a part of our journey over the years. My prayer is that God will bless you and raise help for you.

You have seen first-hand how God has blessed every member of this house. We have all been partakers of His manifold blessings. Glory to God.

Right now, God is calling us to move up higher, take a bold step further, go the extra mile. He is calling us to move to our Goshen and He is counting on all of us to do our part in making this a reality. It’s time for us to stretch ourselves. We know that there is a ready harvest for our seeds because He has told us to prepare for rain.

Please, prayerfully fill the pledge form knowing that God will never ask us to give what He has not blessed us with, and your harvest is determined during seed time.

Kindly fill the form and submit so we can collate the data promptly. We would expect to start receiving the filled forms from April 1st through the 7th 2021.

We trust God that we would all redeem our pledges as promptly as we can. The duration for this project is April 2021.

You blessed and highly favored. God honor you. Pastor Shola