Who We are

Calvary Bible Church Houston (City of Goshen) is a Bible-believing, non-denominational church where Jesus is our center. We are a kingdom church that is committed to seeing that God’s kingdom is established here on earth. We are also committed to seeing that as God’s people, we take dominion in all the spheres of influence as God has sent and empowered us to do.

We are a family committed to your welfare – spirit, soul and body. Nobody partners with God and goes bankrupt, so we know that as you become committed to the vision of this house and give God and His word a rightful place in your heart, God will be committed to you and give you your rightful place on earth.

Here at Calvary Bible Church, prayers are answered, the sick is healed, depression is shattered, addictions lose their power, the broken is made whole because of the power in the name of JESUS. And our covenant with God says THERE SHALL BE NO LOSS. God has always proven His word again and again in our midst.

We welcome you to join our church family. God bless you.