Who We Are

Calvary Bible Church Houston is a complete church that focuses on ministering to the total man – SPIRIT, SOUL, and BODY. We believe raising a people with Kingdom mindset through the exposition of the Word of God.

Founded on December 31st, 1995 by Pastor Olumide Emmanuel-The Overseer, Calvary Bible Church has grown to establish affiliate churches all over the world.

We are a church family that is known for innovative leadership, commitment to excellence and openness to change.

We seek to make a lasting impact all over the world as we are focused on reaching people in their areas of need. In 2016, God sent us to the beautiful city of Houston in Texas to spread this unique message he has empowered us with.

And if there’s still a missing piece in your life that you are yet to figure out, you’ll find it at CALVARY…the turning point