About 2020

ABOUT 2020


God promised us that the year 2020 is our year of Kingdom Harvest. Gen 8:20-22, Eccl 3:1-2,11 , Matt 9:35-38

Harvest means the season of gathering in the crops. This year, there’ll be 7 dimensions of harvest in the lives of Calvarians

Harvest – All kinds of seeds sown will bring harvest 

Reward – All past labors and services will be rewarded

Fulfillment – All promises and prophecies will find fulfillment

Due Season – The long awaited season has come

Manifestation – There will be a manifestation of all potentials and possibilities 

Results/Profits – All efforts and labors will produce results and profit 

Judgment- All the moves of the enemy will be divinely judged


RESPONSIBILITY: The importance of 2020 is Responsibility. We have a part to play in ensuring that we walk in all God wants us to this year. This year will be to you a year of Kingdom Harvest when you take spiritual and physical responsibility. Isa 1:19

VISION: The significance of 2020 is Vision. We must align ourselves with God’s vision for this year. We are His workmanship so if we do not see what God is seeing we would not get what He is releasing. Eph 2:10

HARVEST: The prophetic picture of 2020 is Harvest. Matt 9:35-38

As we are responsible in playing our parts to discover and walk in vision in 2020, God will usher us into our season of supernatural harvest. Amen.