ABOUT 2020

About 2020


God promised us that the year 2020 is our year of Kingdom Harvest. Gen 8:20-22, Eccl 3:1-2,11 , Matt 9:35-38

Harvest means the season of gathering in the crops. This year, there’ll be 7 dimensions of harvest in the lives of Calvarians

  1. Harvest – All kinds of seeds sown will bring harvest 
  2. Reward – All past labors and services will be rewarded
  3. Fulfillment – All promises and prophecies will find fulfillment
  4. Due Season – The long awaited season has come
  5. Manifestation – There will be a manifestation of all potentials and possibilities 
  6. Results/Profits – All efforts and labors will produce results and profit 
  7. Judgment- All the moves of the enemy will be divinely judged